How To Get Your URL Approved When Commenting On A Blog Post!

You work to write good quality information on you website, and you do this on a consistent basis.  Anybody the would want to learn about your niche could really learn a lot from what you have to say, and you ALSO can get paid for you time.

There’s just a slight problem:


Now I am sure that you already know that the best way to build traffic to your site is through link building, as it helps you rank higher in the search engines because you are a more relevant source of information.  You also know that a great way to build a lot of links is through forum and blog commenting.  THAT’S NOT NEW TO YOU!

And there’s the added problem that when you comment on blogs, the webmaster might just delete your comment because they think you’re tyring to SPAM thier readers.  So how do increase your chances of webmasters approving your comment WITH the URL intact.


I’ll explain it further, but it really is a very simple and effective concept (the best kind).  If you find good blogs with quality information that you find useful, then I want you to continually read the blog posts and comment on them.  When a webmaster sees that you are learning from their content, and that you aren’t just trying to pull a fast one on them, they will feel as though you are trustworthy (the most important thing in a business that’s known for being untrustworthy).  Webmasters need your comments because it helps them in the search engines, so if you give them quality and quantity in your comments, they will have no choice but to accept them.

And do not get this confused: I do not mean read all of their posts in one day and comment on all of them on the same day, or even all in the same week.  I am talking about once a day AT MOST, and that might even be too often.  You must show the webmaster that you are committed to their site and that will continue to be a repeat reader.

If you do this, then the webmaster will not only accept your comments, but he will WELCOME THEM.  If you do this right, then you will make a fair trade with the webmaster: backlinks for useful comments.



What About Quick Click Commissions?

I’m going to start off by telling you one thing: I had to wait about 2 days before I could write this article because I was so unfathomably angry!

I would’ve written some crazy article where every other word was only 4 letters!!

And why is that you might ask?

It is because I tried to review Quick Click Commissions, and if you have a weak constitution or you believe that everyone in the world has you best interest at heart, then you may want to read a different post.


This product was created by Mike Auton, a highly successful marketer who has made his money by creating very showy products that offer people the moon and give them absolutely nothing in return.  It has a great sales page, and it would make almost any aspiring marketer want to buy it, but it is a little shallow in the ACTUAL INFORMATION category!!


This product was made to “teach” you how to make money through the use of Facebook Notes, where you plug in your product name and affiliate link into a software, and you get an article that is supposed to be highly profitable by getting high rankings in the search engines.  The problem with this is: When was the last time that you saw a Facebook Note at the top of Google?  Or even ON GOOGLE?!?!  It gives you duplicate content (which never ever ranks well), and you are supposed to blindly post in on the web and hope that you make millions.

Now I am not saying that all Internet Marketing software products are crappy and slapshod, but after the experiences that I have had (and my latest run-in with Quick Click Commissions) I advise that you be EXTREMELY EXCEEDINGLY INCREDIBLY SKEPTICAL when it comes to software products.

Just in case I haven’t gotten my poing across about this product, this is my final reccommendation:





Optimize Your Site Like Shepard Fairey

What do I mean when I say optimize your site like Shepard Fairey?  He didn’t become famous from creating a website?  Some people don’t even know who Shepard Fairey is.

Well I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but Shepard Fairey is the guy who went around the city “vandalising” buildings with giant posters of Andre the Giant (a former freak show act) with the word OBEY underneath.  With this he created a massive amount of curiousity around his brand, as people wanted to find out what the picture meant.

Luckily, his idea worked.  When he finally released his shirts and hats with the OBEY logo on them, it spread like wildfire and made him rich.

What I want you to take from this is the power of pictures.  When you write blog posts, you must never forget to add pictures to them, and then spread those pictures around.

Not only will it build you links as people use them, but it also optimizes your site so that it can be crawled easier by the Search Engine Spiders.  When you caption your pictures with relevant keywords, it shows search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing that you offer relevant and useful information that people can use in their lives.

I have decided to write this as a post and not just a little blurb in a previous post because I want you to understand the importance of this tip.  It is such a small thing, but it WILL help you get your site ranked higher in the search engines.  Just look at all of my posts, every one of them has a picture in them, and it takes me an extra 10 seconds to do when I actually write on this site.

It’s a small thing that will make a big difference in getting your site ranked above that other guys.  So BUCKLE DOWN AND GET TO IT!!!

How To Make Sure That You Get White Listed

So you spend all of this time writing out carefully planned emails that will definitely get you good money, and you have a nice sized email list to send it out to.  So you begin your campaign, and then see how much money you made for the day. $10

That’s it!?!  All of that work, and only $10.  What happened?  How can you stop it if you can?  **(you can)

This one is simple.  You didn’t make any money because you got sent to the spam folder.  That is every email marketer’s worst nightmare.  If you get sent to the spam folder, then the email providers are now saying that it was a nice try and a valiant effort, but you won’t be making any money today.  Or in the near future for that matter.

So what do you do to stop it?  You get in people’s contact list!!

How do you do it?

To answer that question, I am also going to tell you a tip that the world famous TONY ROBBINS said is the most powerful secret that will give you fame, fortune, and happines.  YOU JUST ASK!!

That’s right, if you want to get in people’s contact list (white list) then all that you need to do is ask.  But I don’t mean ask once.  No, you are a lot more clever than that.  You will ask them to add you to their contact list at the bottom of every single email.

And that is all that you have to do.  Steadily you will see that your email marketing is bringing you more and more money, even though you may not be getting any extra subscribers, and it is all because you have a lot more people that are available to read your emails.

So do it now.  Go to your autoresponder, and edit all of your emails so that they all say the same thing.  Something along the lines of this:

“I hope that you have learned a lot from this email, and I know that you will continue to learn a lot from those coming in the future.  But that might not happen I get placed in your spam folder.  Add me to your contacts list and keep me out of the DREADED SPAM FOLDER!! (its dark in there)


How To Get More Click-Throughs On Your Emails

Many people have a problem when it comes to writing emails to their email lists that constantly get a high click through rate.  Well, the way to increase this rate is to follow my motto that “Internet Marketing Is Simple,” it’s not easy but it is simple.

Think about your emails from the eyes of one of your subscribers.  Was this is an email that was sent as a tip?  Was this email was sent as a promotional email?  What would you write so that your subscribers saw it and immediately responded in the manner that you wanted them to.

Well, I will address both shortly.


If you send out emails to your list, and it was meant to be a tip, then GIVE THEM A TIP! Don’t give them half of a tip, and then tell them that if they want the real secrets that they only have to pay $9.95 or whatever you charge.  If you do this you will see a massive increase in your unsubscribe rate, and you will also see a very unresponsive list.

If you signed up to get more information about whatever you niche is, then you would want actual information on that topic; so give it to them!  When you do this, not only do you create a more responsive list, but you also help to brand yourself as a reliable source of information.  In these emails, all that you want to do is include a link to a Facebook or Twitter fan page, or another page on your blog.  These are not the emails that make you money, they just set you up for a bigger payday!


My personal opinion on these is that you should not send out more than 1 a month, unless you see some great product that your list really needs to buy RIGHT NOW!  However, if you want to get a higher click through rate on these promotional emails (the ones that actually make you money), then you should send out nice short emails.

All you have to do is create a nice headline that draws interest, and write a short promo email.  When I mean short, I mean 4-5 lines MAXIMUM!!  Then make a big and obvious link, and I mean SUPER OBVIOUS!!!!  It is not your job to sell them the product, these guys have spent thousands for professional copywriters to do that.  All that you have to do is get enough interest in them so that they click on the link.

So remember, when you want to increase click through rates, then you have to know what type of email it is.  If it is an informative email, then you need to INFORM them of something.  If it is a promotional email, then just build interest and have a really apparent link.  Do these things, and you will have no problem increasing your email click through rates.

What About 4-Day Money Making Blueprint?


This product was created by David Bocock, a highly successful internet marketer (article marketer specifically).  And he wants to teach you his bread and butter, marketing like a “bum” (as he calls it) through article marketing to get quick cash with little investment.


Through this product, you will learn how to use EzineArticle and Squidoo to get traffic back to either your website, or you affiliate links(s).  And by the way, most of the methods that you will learn are free, the biggest investment that you are going to make is on this product that I’m reviewing right now (and just scroll down, you’ll see that it doesn’t cost much).

He has filled this thing with information.  There are 25 videos and an ebook from a man by the name of Travis, a guy who got so rich off of article marketing that he popularized the term “bum marketing.”

So heres the breakdown of the videos:

  • 8 videos show you how to do proper keyword research, and how to use other websites so that you can streamline the process
  • The next 10 show you the article creation and marketing process (I love the details of this one)
  • The last 7 videos show you how to use Squidoo, USFreeAds, and Clickbank to get more free traffic (before this I didn’t even know what USFreeAds was)




PRICE: 5/5

It’s SEO, But Not Really SEO

There are many places that all say different things when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines, and all of these article are written for people of different internet markting experience levels.  You have to wonder factor out the tips that you already know, and half the time if you didn’t already know what they had to tell you, it’s because you have to be a freakin’ genious to figure out how to do it in the first place.

So I want to tell you a pretty simple way to help get your site indexed easier.

Just create your site with the user in mind!

If you create a website, and all that you want to do is make it as easy as possible for your readers to navigate the page, the what would you do?  You would create categories, and category pages so that they can easily get to whatever posts they want to read.

The reason that this works so well is because it now makes it easy for your site to be crawled by the search engine spiders, and the easier that it is for the spiders to crawl through your website, the higher you get ranked.

Don’t forget, the reason that you are on the internet in the first place is to help people out, so create a website that everyone will find fun and easy to navigate and you will see a rise in your search engine ranking in no time at all!

The #1 Most Effective Link Building Strategy

You work hard to build traffic and get links back to your website.  You even work hard to make sure that they are good quality links, because you know that without them, you’re online business is completely sunk!

But you just can’t seem to see any improvement in your rankings, and for the work that you are doing, the extra traffic is marginal at best.  So how do you build links that get you the most traffic for your effort?


This is probably the most important thing that you can ever learn about link building.  Do not dismiss is because you have heard about it before, or because it sounds hard.  This is THE most effective way to build high quality backlinks.  It is an ethical way to build realtionships with other successful internet marketers, and you will get a ton of traffic just from one or two guest posts.

All that you need to do is find a good quality site that is in your niche, and email the webmaster.  Let them know that you are interested in guest posting on their website in exchange for a link back to your site.  I can tell you that most webmasters jump at this chance, because it isn’t very often that webmasters can get free unique content.

It is a very simple thing that you have to do, as most internet marking aspects are.  All you have to do is write for someone else’s website and you can see your online income skyrocket.  But you have to really get out there and do it, reading about guest posting is not going to get more visitors to your website.


The #1 Mistake People Make When Link Building

So you’re sitting at you computer all day, working you absolute hardest to get your site to the top of Google, but it doesn’t work.  After weeks, even months of what seems like endless work, there you are on the bottom of the fifth page.

You need more links.

So you go and find a place that will get you 10,000 backlinks for only $100.  What a deal!  It’s only a little investment, and the return that it can get you far outweighs the $100 asking price!

Or does it?

The problem with deals like this, is that these companies that promise you tons of backlinks for pennies on the dollar are actually hurting you if you “invest” with them.  The reason that it hurts you is because they give you the crappiest, lowest quality backlinks that you could possibly think of.  They won’t have anything to do with your niche, and half the time they won’t even be real websites!

The whole purpose of link building is to show the search engines that you are a relevant source of information, and that you are linked to other reputable sources of information; hence link building.

If you want to show these search engines that you deserve to be ranked at the top of the first page, you need to avoid these scams, because not only are they a waste of money; they will set you back farther and make it even harder to get to the top!

What About AMZ Training Academy?

amz training academy


This product was created by Gaz Cooper and Joe Yost, two highly successful internet marketers who decided to get involved in a joint venture together.  Now their product focuses on physical affiliate marketing, which is the selling of non-internet based items off of, as opposed to digital or downloadable products.


Now this product was made with the though that every internet marketer is on a different experience level with another, so they have created training for all experience levels (even a 21 step beginner course).  Their instructions are given in steps (I feel that is the most effective way), in both video and PDF format.  However if you should have any problems, there is unlimited help desk support, a members forum, and a FAQ section (obviously).  They wanted to create a quality product where no member could say that they were not helped to the best of everyone’s abilities.

This entire product is about the selling of Amazon products, and they go into great detail to make sure that you are ready for all of the variables that this business throws at you.  You don’t even have to do the research on the Amazon products yourself, that is all waitng there for you in the members area.  On top of that, you will learn how to use Facebook and Youtube to leverage your Amazon Affiliate Business.  They really to their time to pull out all of the stops on this one, because they have some pretty ridiculous gifts for you when you join the site:

  • Free Amazon WordPress Theme
  • Free Custom Amazon Store Software
  • Free Course on Effectively Using WordPress
  • Unlimited Website Hosting

You can get started for a 7 day trial at less than $5 (it’s $4.95), and I seriously recommend that you do!



PRICE: 4.5/5