The #1 Mistake People Make When Link Building

So you’re sitting at you computer all day, working you absolute hardest to get your site to the top of Google, but it doesn’t work.  After weeks, even months of what seems like endless work, there you are on the bottom of the fifth page.

You need more links.

So you go and find a place that will get you 10,000 backlinks for only $100.  What a deal!  It’s only a little investment, and the return that it can get you far outweighs the $100 asking price!

Or does it?

The problem with deals like this, is that these companies that promise you tons of backlinks for pennies on the dollar are actually hurting you if you “invest” with them.  The reason that it hurts you is because they give you the crappiest, lowest quality backlinks that you could possibly think of.  They won’t have anything to do with your niche, and half the time they won’t even be real websites!

The whole purpose of link building is to show the search engines that you are a relevant source of information, and that you are linked to other reputable sources of information; hence link building.

If you want to show these search engines that you deserve to be ranked at the top of the first page, you need to avoid these scams, because not only are they a waste of money; they will set you back farther and make it even harder to get to the top!


About jordangon54
I am always interested in trying to teach people anything if I feel like it might have a possibility of helping them. I know how rough it can be out there when nobody really wants to help you, they just want to take your money. You can't help but think that there has to be a few good people out there who ACTUALLY want to help you. And I want to try and be that guy.

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