Don’t Make This Mistake When Email Marketing!

No, this was not a foul up by the internet, and no I didn’t forget to check over this post before I published it.  I mean to post this picture to show you what happens when you send out pictures to your email list!

Don’t do it! Do NOT DO IT!

All that happens when you send a picture to your email list is it gets blocked by the email provider as a pop up.  While is does not harm the email itself, it does turn into a lot of wasted space.  And as a person who almost always goes on his email over the phone, it is a huge pain in the ass to have to scroll all the way past a big old white space that has a red “x” in the top left corner because it could not display the image.


While you might not do this yourself, I want to let you and all other affiliate marketers out there know something.  Never, and I mean NEVER, include a link in a picture.  I have received emails from many email marketers who have made this rookie mistake.  They get you all excited to check out a product, and then they include the affiliate link in a cool BUY NOW button that they included.  What they didn’t know is that my email provider blocked it out so now I don’t see the button, and I can’t go to the affiliate website.  Not only did that person lose a subscriber that day (me), but he also lost out on a lot of money because he made this dumb rookie mistake.

I believe that pictures should only be added to webpages and never to emails, because if that person wanted to get a visual representation of what you were saying, then they would just visit your website.  When you send an email to your list, the purpose should be either to educate them about something very quickly, or it should be to recommend to them a kick-ass product that you found out about.  That is it.  NO PICTURES!!


The #1 Secret To Building A Big Email List!

Now by now I am sure that you understand that the real money in internet marketing is in your email list of potential customers, prompting the very popular saying (amongst internet marketers), “The money is in the list.”  You know that if you were only able to compile a list of interested customers, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore, because you would finally have a stable source of residual income from a responsive list.  But there seems to be one problem:


Luckily, you can easily fix this problem.  And the best part, is that you can fix this problem VERY VERY FAST!  How you may ask?  That is always the underlying question, and it is a very simple answer.  If you want to have a large email list, then all you have to do is follow in the timeless words of the great Tony Robbins, “ASK!”

To further elaborate on the idea of asking for a big email list, I will throw in the term solo ads.  A solo ad is a contract between two people, where a marketer pays a person with an email list so that they can broadcast emails that lead back to their sqeeze page to the readers.  If that buyer has a properly converting squeeze page then they can quickly build an email list with this tool.

It is incredibly powerful, and for all of the super affiliates out there, it is how they made their fortunes.  So I might take some heat for giving away these guys’ most powerful money making strategy, but this technique only works if you actually DO IT!  Reading about it, and knowing how to do it won’t make you ANY money; you have to start doing it RIGHT NOW!

How To Make Sure That You Get White Listed

So you spend all of this time writing out carefully planned emails that will definitely get you good money, and you have a nice sized email list to send it out to.  So you begin your campaign, and then see how much money you made for the day. $10

That’s it!?!  All of that work, and only $10.  What happened?  How can you stop it if you can?  **(you can)

This one is simple.  You didn’t make any money because you got sent to the spam folder.  That is every email marketer’s worst nightmare.  If you get sent to the spam folder, then the email providers are now saying that it was a nice try and a valiant effort, but you won’t be making any money today.  Or in the near future for that matter.

So what do you do to stop it?  You get in people’s contact list!!

How do you do it?

To answer that question, I am also going to tell you a tip that the world famous TONY ROBBINS said is the most powerful secret that will give you fame, fortune, and happines.  YOU JUST ASK!!

That’s right, if you want to get in people’s contact list (white list) then all that you need to do is ask.  But I don’t mean ask once.  No, you are a lot more clever than that.  You will ask them to add you to their contact list at the bottom of every single email.

And that is all that you have to do.  Steadily you will see that your email marketing is bringing you more and more money, even though you may not be getting any extra subscribers, and it is all because you have a lot more people that are available to read your emails.

So do it now.  Go to your autoresponder, and edit all of your emails so that they all say the same thing.  Something along the lines of this:

“I hope that you have learned a lot from this email, and I know that you will continue to learn a lot from those coming in the future.  But that might not happen I get placed in your spam folder.  Add me to your contacts list and keep me out of the DREADED SPAM FOLDER!! (its dark in there)


How To Get More Click-Throughs On Your Emails

Many people have a problem when it comes to writing emails to their email lists that constantly get a high click through rate.  Well, the way to increase this rate is to follow my motto that “Internet Marketing Is Simple,” it’s not easy but it is simple.

Think about your emails from the eyes of one of your subscribers.  Was this is an email that was sent as a tip?  Was this email was sent as a promotional email?  What would you write so that your subscribers saw it and immediately responded in the manner that you wanted them to.

Well, I will address both shortly.


If you send out emails to your list, and it was meant to be a tip, then GIVE THEM A TIP! Don’t give them half of a tip, and then tell them that if they want the real secrets that they only have to pay $9.95 or whatever you charge.  If you do this you will see a massive increase in your unsubscribe rate, and you will also see a very unresponsive list.

If you signed up to get more information about whatever you niche is, then you would want actual information on that topic; so give it to them!  When you do this, not only do you create a more responsive list, but you also help to brand yourself as a reliable source of information.  In these emails, all that you want to do is include a link to a Facebook or Twitter fan page, or another page on your blog.  These are not the emails that make you money, they just set you up for a bigger payday!


My personal opinion on these is that you should not send out more than 1 a month, unless you see some great product that your list really needs to buy RIGHT NOW!  However, if you want to get a higher click through rate on these promotional emails (the ones that actually make you money), then you should send out nice short emails.

All you have to do is create a nice headline that draws interest, and write a short promo email.  When I mean short, I mean 4-5 lines MAXIMUM!!  Then make a big and obvious link, and I mean SUPER OBVIOUS!!!!  It is not your job to sell them the product, these guys have spent thousands for professional copywriters to do that.  All that you have to do is get enough interest in them so that they click on the link.

So remember, when you want to increase click through rates, then you have to know what type of email it is.  If it is an informative email, then you need to INFORM them of something.  If it is a promotional email, then just build interest and have a really apparent link.  Do these things, and you will have no problem increasing your email click through rates.

The Top 5 Ways To Create A Highly Responsive Email List

All intelligent internet marketers know that “The Money Is In The List.”  I continually say this, because it is completely true!  But there is some danger here, because many online marketers mess this gold mine up.

Overly eager to make massive amounts of cash online, the generation of marketers before us would sent out unsolicited emails to people all around the world in an effort to get rich quick.  A tactic now known as Spamming.  Because of these people, the occupation of email marketing has become an exponentially harder, as people have now become unceasingly weary of giving away their personal information.

However, there are ways to create a list of subscribers that are so responsive that they will be waiting to buy products from you at your beck-and-call.  As long as you are willing to follow these rules then you will have no problems creating the most effective of email lists.


Step 1: Brand Yourself

If you want to have subscribers that trust your recommendations, and are willing to buy products because you say that they are worth it, then you have to make sure that they trust you.  The only way to do that is by branding yourself; make it so that a synonym for your name is trustworthy.  As an email marketer, people already think that you are untrustworthy: sorry to tell you, but it comes with the territory.  And the only way to do that is to give them good content that you know they need and will enjoy reading.

It is a completely necessary step if you want a responsive list.  DO NOT FORGET IT. DO NOT SKIP IT!

Step 2: Give Away A High Quality Freebie

This is really important because many people get lazy and forget to give away a high quality freebie when they try to get leads.  Instead, they go and find some sub-par ebook that they found in a hole somewhere and give it away.  The problem with this is that it goes back to step one and makes you untrustworthy.  If you start out giving away crappy products, then how can they expect you to give them good and honest recommendations about products?  Answer: They can’t.  If you give away a bad freebie, then don’t be suprised when you see that all of your subscribers end up unsubscribing on day 2 of your campaign.

The best way to get a high quality freebie is to create one yourself.  If you’re like me and you aren’t the tech saviest guy in the world, the best thing to do is to give away a free course.  It doesn’t involve all the graphic creation or any of that stuff, it’s all about content.

Step 3: Email On A Consistent Basis

I’m sorry if I’m the first one to let you know this, but you probably aren’t the only person that’s emailing a lead when you send out your emails.  I know when I was first searching for the answer to making money online, I was subscribed to about 100 different peoples’ email lists.  There was no way that I could keep track of them all, and there were only a few whose recommendations I even remotely trusted.  If you don’t send emails to your leads on a consistent basis, be it daily, every other day, or weekly, THEY WILL FORGET ABOUT YOU!  They won’t remember that you’re the one who actually sends out useful information about your niche.

If you do not send out emails on a consistent basis, then you are wasting leads, and that could end up as a huge loss of potential income.  I know that you don’t want that, so you have to be dilligent email consistently.

Step 4: Only Send Recommendations Monthly

Now this is the most ignored rule in email marketing, HANDS DOWN!  I’m sure that you know the feeling of getting 20 emails every day from different people all about the newest shiniest product.  I was one of those people who just kept buying, so I didn’t start making money until I finally got the courage to finally hit “unsubscribe.”

People are beginning to become more like myself.  If you keep sending promotional emails they will buy at first, but now they have no more money and have become completely unresponsive to you.  It will only be a matter of time before you see your entire email list, of what was once a group of highly motivated buyers, leave completely.  Now you’re back to square one, with no email list and about $100 for 1 month’s work.  Only send out a recommendation monthly, and you will see a highly responsive list for well into the future.

Step 5: Join A Person’s Email List Before You Buy Solo Ads Or Do Ad Swaps

An easy way to gain subscribers to an email list is to buy ads from a person so that they can send them to his/her email list for a fee (solo ads), or sending emails to your own list on behalf of someone else in exchange for them doing the same for you (ad swaps).  Although you only want to do this with people who are as trustworthy as you, and have a highly responsive email list.

Now many people claim to have responsive lists when they advertise for solo ads or ad swaps, but the only way to truly know how responsive their list is, is to join their email list and see how motivated you are to buy their products after about a week.  This is a powerful method that is almost ALWAYS OVERLOOKED!  It’s important so make sure you do it, or else you will just waste money and ruin the brand that you have worked so hard to create.

If you do all of these steps, I promise you that you will have a responsive list for well into the future.  In email marketing, the average lead is worth about $1 per month, that means if you have 1000 subscribers, you can expect about $1000 per month by emailing them.  If you follow my steps, you can make these same subscribers worth at least $1.50 per month.  That 150% of the average.  I’m sure that you could do a lot with that extra money.

Follow these steps and get the list that most internet marketers only dream about!!